Canapés Menu

Click here to download the Canapés menu PDF.


$150 per head with a minimum of 25 people

Includes 5 kinds, 2 of each kind per guest.
Or choose any 8 kinds, one of each kind per guest.


Prices do not include a chef.
A chef can be arranged at $400 for a minimum of 3 hours.
Delivery charges apply.

Cold Canapés – Fish

If ordering per piece, there is a minimum of 50 pieces of each kind.

Seared tuna with mango & papaya salsa on Chinese spoons$16
Prawns with wasabi mayo & fresh dill on vol-au-vent$15
Poached salmon with fresh shallots & hollandaise sauce on vol-au-vent$16
Sesame crusted tuna with beetroot, balsamic glazed on Chinese spoon$16
Crab cakes with caviar & crème cheese chop chives$17
Marinated octopus with black olives on sticks$15
Smoked salmon with crème cheese on blinis with fresh dill$15
Crab salad with avocado and shallots chop chives on puff pastry$16
Salmon mousse on cucumber with fresh dill$15
Blue fin Caviche with lime & coriander, shallots on on crispy filo tarts$17
Prawns rocket in saffron & coconut sauce, red peppers on Chinese spoons$16

Cold Canapés – Meat

If ordering per piece, there is a minimum of 50 pieces of each kind.

Thai spicy pork with coriander & shallots wrap in crepes tied in chives$16
Rare roasted beef with salsa verde on mini Yorkshire pudding$16
Sliced beef rolled with rocket, grilled peppers, horseradish on sticks$16
Crispy pancetta with quail egg & chop chives on tartlets$16
Shredded tandoori chicken with mango chutney wrap rolled in tortilla$16
Duck pate with home-made apricot jam chop chives on filo tarts$16
Mini Roasted duck with cucumber sticks & plum sauce wrap$16
Roasted chicken with lemon zest, shallots & herb mayo on crostini$16
Roast beef with caramelized onions & gravy on Chinese spoons$16
Melon ball wrap in Parma ham on sticks$16
Gammon ham with Brie cheese rolled in thin pancakes tied with chives$16
Italian salami with mustard mayo & chervil on crostini$16
Sun-dried tomato with fresh basil, artichoke & pork sausage on sticks$16

Cold Canapés – Veggie

If ordering per piece, there is a minimum of 50 pieces of each kind.

Mozzarella balls, fresh cherry tomato & basil, pesto on crispy filo$15
Grilled aubergine & capsicums & feta, pine nuts on crispy filo$15
Roasted courgettes, yellow peppers with danish blue wrap on tortilla$15
Mini vegetable quiches with Parmesan$15
Beetroot blinis and garlicky mushroom$15
Wild mushroom ragout with garlic on vol-au-vent$15
Roasted courgettes, yellow peppers with Danish blue wrap on tortilla$15
Spinach & Ricotta mini empanada with tomato salsa dip$15
Vietnamese tofu, carrots & cucumber strips with glass noodles wrap in rice rolls with sweet chili sauce$15
Double roasted cherry tomato & fresh basil frittata on sticks$15
Thai eggplant with crispy shallots & coriander, dried garlic on spoons$15

Cold Canapés – Mini Sweet

If ordering per piece, there is a minimum of 50 pieces of each kind.

Mini home-made devil chocolate cake$15
Raspberry & fresh mint & chocolate on tartlets$15
Raspberry & panna cotta on shooter glass$17
Mini Sticky almond & orange cake$15
Mini chocolate truffle cakes$15
Strawberry cheesecake pots$17
Mini delicious lemon tart$15
Home-made mini lemon meringue$15
Chocolate & cranberry cheesecake shots$15
Mini Chocolate tart$15
Mini apple tartans with icing sugar$15
Mini fruity French macaroons$16

Hot Canapés

If ordering per piece, there is a minimum of 50 pieces of each kind.
You will need warming equipment or you can re-heat in the oven. If there is no warming equipment at the venue, it can be rented for $250.

Roast beef caramelized onions, gravy & horseradish mayo on mini baps$16
Mini beef burger with Swiss cheese on soft sesame seeded bun$16
Home-made samosa chicken with fresh yoghurt & mint sauce dip$16
Mini pork Shanghai lumpia with ginger & garlic sauce dip$16
Mini lamb kofta with cumin & yoghurt dip$16
Spicy pork with sautéed onions & curry puffs$16
Mini beef kebabs marinated in teriyaki & lemon with toasted sesame$16
Baby jack potatoes with sour crème, crispy bacon & chop chives on$16
Italian sausage with cherry tomato & rosemary skewers$16
Clams with ginger & butter & chop chives$15
Chicken skewers marinated in tandoori & lemon$16
Home-made prawn lollipops with sweet chilli sauce dip$16
Spicy meatballs on sticks with fresh chop basil & tomato sauce dip$16
Sautéed sole fillet in garlic & citrus chop, chop coriander filo tarts$16
Deep fried potato balls with cheese wrap in bacon$16
Pan-seared scallops with pea puree with crispy bacon & chops chives on spoons$18