Corporate Asian Menu

Corporate Asian Menu

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$550 per head min of 50 covers, Not including the rental of plates and cutlery. Not including the rental of plates and cutlery and  2 chefs included for 4 hours service


  • Chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce
  • Crab cakes with sweet chili sauce
  • Braised short ribs in star anis & ginger
  • Lumpia Thai style with lime and sweet chili dip
  • Vietnamese veggie with fresh herbs smoked tofu
  • Chicken wings marinated lemon grass
  • Minced pork koffa with sugar caine sticks grilled in charcoal
  • Spicy pork with shallots and coriander wrapped in crepes


  • Thai grilled pumpkin & ginger soup
  • Classic Ton Yum Gong with prawns
  • Chicken coconut soup


  • Oven roasted Thai beef salad with cucumber and tomato, crispy
  • Prawn and pomello with tamarind and palm sugar dressing
  • Pan- seared tuna salad with mango , shallots and arugula
  • Chilled Chargrilled eggplant with garlic and chopped fresh herbs
  • Soft-shell crab salad with avocado
  • Oyster Omelette with pickled peppers, fresh lime and chili
  • Morning Glory, sautéed kangkong in shrimp paste and garlic
  • Larb Moo, minced pork with green beans wrapped in lettuce

Main Dishes

  • Phad Thai with prawns or chicken with peanuts and egg
  • Braised lamb shank with saffron rice
  • Tenderloin steak with potato & curry
  • Chicken rice with fragrant rice
  • Fried rice in Pineapple with pork floss (sausage, Prawns or Chicken)
  • BBQ Pork neck with red cabbage salad
  • Thai yellow vegetable curry with fragrant rice
  • Chili Crab with shallots and chopped green onions