The Delicious Story

 The Delicious story started in 2002, when executive Chef Dave Maclean, and Restaurateur, Dennis Villanueva, created the delicious concept; restaurant-quality food, presented deli style, containing made-to-order fresh and healthy ingredients. And so Delicious was born. 

Located in the busy Lyndhurst Terrace area of Central, the Delicious deli opened in 2003 with a simple but tasty menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas - and of course, their signature dish of roasted meat sandwiches, served hot on freshly baked bread with gravy. 

Delicious quickly morphed into outside catering with the start of that year's junk season. An onslaught of requests to provide junk parties with quality lunches quickly grew into requests for cocktail parties and corporate catering - and our signature dish went from hot roast meat sandwhiches to providing the whole spit roast for BBQs and private parties.

By 2007, 85% of our business was coming from outside catering. This, combined with the ever-increasing rent prices in Central led to the sad, but realistic, decision to close our little deli and move 100% into outside catering. 

It was sad to see the little deli close, but the delicious chefs were soon enjoying the much-needed extra space of a larger kitchen, and although the brand of Delicious is now working behind the scenes, we're feeding more people than ever before and are busier than ever! 

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