The Delicious Story

The Delicious story starts back in 2002, when two good friends decided to combine their skills and set up business together. The friends, Executive Chef Dave Maclean, and Restaurateur, Dennis Villanueva, put their heads together to create the delicious concept; restaurant-quality food, presented deli style, containing made-to-order fresh and healthy ingredients.

And so, while Dave started creating the menu, designing the restaurant, and recruiting and training chefs, Dennis set about putting together the business plan – and delicious was born.

The deli first opened in 2003 and was located at the busy intersection where Pottinger Street meets Wellington Street in Central. Dave created a simple but tasty menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas, in addition to the roasted meat sandwiches; the delicious signature dishes, served hot on freshly baked bread with gravy.

With the onslaught of that year’s junk season, delicious received an influx of requests to provide junk revelers with quality lunches on site (or on boat!), and the delicious outside catering business grew very quickly from there.

In addition to the junk parties, delicious was soon providing outside catering for corporate events, bbqs, private dinners and beach parties. Their signature event favourite was (and still is), the whole roast pig or lamb, spit-roasted to perfection on site and served to guests by delicious staff.

By 2007, 85% of the business turnover & profit at delicious was derived from outside catering. This, as well as extortionate rent increases around Central led to a strategic decision by the Directors to move the business away from retail, so they could focus 100% on outside catering. It was sad to see the little deli close on Pottinger Street, but the delicious chefs were soon enjoying the much-needed extra space of the larger kitchen, and although the brand of Delicious is now working behind the scenes, they’re busier than ever!

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