Junk Boat Rules

Junk Boat Rules

Dear Guests, We hope you enjoy your time on the Delicious Junk. While we take every precaution to make your day as safe & enjoyable as possible, it is important that you & your guests take the time to look at the rules of the boat. If everyone follows these guidelines it will ensure a safe journey for all.

Please click here to download the Delicious Junk Chartering Rules, which must be signed prior to sailing.

  • 1. The captain of the boat has the right to:

    • refuse starting the boat if there is more than the maximum persons allowed on board
    • change the route if there is adverse weather or any other reason where safety is an issue
    • return to the pier early if a typhoon signal number 3 is hoisted (in accordance with the marine ordinances for safety). No compensation will be made for the time that is unused.
    • refuse to take on board, or allow use of, large audio equipment, if prior agreement has not been agreed.
    • sail the boat back early should any Charterer act in way that may be dangerous to themselves or others.
    • The chartered time is eight hours for a day trip, or 4 hours for a night trip (before 12:00 midnight)

  • 2. The Charterers must embark and disembark at the same pier. Special arrangements can be made but must be agreed and confirmed with Delicous during the booking of the boat.
  • 3. Passengers are responsible for ensuring the safety of any property that they bring on board.
  • 4. If the Charterer has large-size audio equipments or pets, they must receive prior agreement to take them onboard or the captain may refuse them.
  • 5. No prohibited items are allowed on board.
  • 6. No BBQs are allowed
  • 7. For safety reasons, there should be no dancing, no diving on the upper deck, and no swimming in the evening time.
  • 8. Please also read and sign our indemnity form which is in your Junk Package Menu.
  • 9. In case of emergencies, it is a marine law requirement to fill out the list of passengers, and either send back to Delicious, or hand to the captain when you get onto the boat. The form is provided in your Junk Package Menu.