Chartering Rules

Chartering Rules

Please go through our company policy before finalizing your booking due to every booking has different circumstance happening.

For example :  Raining, heavy raining, thunderstorm, Typhoon signal 1, big wave and windy, your chosen destination cannot be reach because we cannot predict the weather changing on the day.

Under Such conditions the booking will not be cancelled, postponed. Booking can only be cancelled, postponed if it is Typhoon 3 or black storm warning affecting its safety at sea

Please click here to download the Delicious Junk Chartering Rules, which must be signed prior to sailing.

  • 1.Any party which charters a pleasure boat must pay half of the fee in advance as deposit. The balance
    must be paid in full in cash seven days before using the boat. In cases of cancellation the deposit that
    has been paid is non-refundable.
  • 2. The number of people who board the boat may not exceed the limit. Otherwise, the captain of the boat has the right to refuse starting the boat. The maximum sailing time each time the chartered boat is used is 4 hours. The chartered time is seven hours for a day trip, 4 hours for a night trip before 12:00 midnight.
  • 3. If there is a change in the weather or for safety reasons, the captain of the boat has the right to choose a safer route to a destination and safer location to dock. The charterers must embark and disembark at the same pier. If special arrangements have to be made, they must be discussed beforehand with this
  • 4. There is a machine before disorder the boat starts its journey and repair cannot be made on time, this company will, as soon as possible, notify the charterer to change the date, or provide a boat similar to the type of boat chartered as a substitute or refund the deposit. If the customer chooses a refund of deposit, then in addition to the deposit, the company will add 5% of the sum already received as compensation for the mishap.
  • 5. If there is mechanical break down during a trip, the captain of the boat shall try his best to carry the passengers back. If the boat has spend more than half of the time the boat was chartered for or the destination has already been reached, no compensation of time will be given. If there is a compensation of time, the boat can only be used on an ordinary day, or a proportionate amount of the fee may be refunded.
  • 6. Every kind of insurance stipulated by law has been arranged for all of the boats in accordance with the ordinances of Hong Kong. Passengers must take the responsibility themselves for ensuring the safety of any property which they bring along. If there is loss of property on the boat, this company will not be held responsible, but can arrange for reporting the matter to the police and dealing with it on behalf of the passengers. If any damage, injury or accident occurs on the chartered boat and if the damage is caused by the negligence of this company or its agents or any of its staff, the charterer can submit an application for compensation for liability that should be borne on the basis of the insurance provisions.
  • 7. If the chartered date is cancelled or changed, and the charterer still needs to go to the dispatch office himself on the original date to take back the articles and food and drink that this company has ordered on his behalf and distribute them himself because the food has already been prepared or for other reasons, the agreed expenses must still be paid in full.
  • 8. During the time the boat is chartered the Tropical Typhoon Signal No.3 is hoisted while sailing, the captain of the boat has the right to return to the pier early in accordance with the marine ordinances and for reasons of safety. No compensation will be made for the remaining time unused.
  • 9. If Tropical Typhoon Signal No.3 or higher or the Black Rainstorm Warning are still hoisted at 7:00 am or before setting out on the day of sailing, all trips on that day will be postponed. If a refund is demanded, this company will refund 50% of the fee.
  • 10. If the Charterer has large-size audio equipments or pets, the Charterer must inform to the boat company in advance; otherwise, the captain may refuse the boarding.
  • 11. For the safety reason, no dancing, no barbeque, no diving on the upper deck, no swimming in the
    evening time and no prohibited items are allowed to board.
  • 12. Further voyage scope : to the east : Pak Lap Bay; to the south : Lamma Island or Po Toi Island; to the west : Lantau, Cheung Sha or Tung Chung. Additional fees shall be charged beyond the area above, charges are negotiable.
  • 13.The Charterer can postpone the trip only in the case of black rainstorm warning or No. 3 Tropical Typhoon Signal, but should proceed as scheduled if it is only No. 1 Tropical Typhoon Signal or rainy day, otherwise, all rents that have been paid will not be refunded.