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Lee’s, experiencing a day out on the water on a traditional wooden
junk. Unlike many wooden junks, Lee,is well-maintained with no
surprises and you’re guaranteed a quality boat.

30 People

From HKD $6500

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Lau is A rock Star in Hong Kong junk boating scene on a local junk. With Lau large, open upper deck she comfortably fits more people than your regular junk. She has an open front area to catch the rays of sunshine, or if you prefer the shade, she has a large undercover back deck where you can sit down and catch up with friends and family over some good food and drinks.

42 People

From HKD $7,000



Li’s exterior make her one very good looking junk boat. Her large upper and lower decks mean there is plenty of room for everyone to hang out and catch up. Whether you are looking to stay in the shade or catch some sun, she has plenty of spaces for everyone.

40 People

From HKD $7000



Leung is the best way to experience the local culture and Hong Kong’s boating scene is with this wonderful boat Leung She is an upmarket version of the typical Junk and was newly remolded and renovated last year.

42 People

From HKD $7,000



Kwok is a great boat for a large group. Her spacious upper and lower
decks and internal cabin make her very unique in Hong Kong. She is a
traditional Hong Kong junk and well maintained.

55 People

From HKD $8,500


Kwok 2

Kwok #2 is another large boat in our feet of Junk. It has 50 people
capacity and very clean and well maintained boat

50 People

From HKD $9000



Wong, is very spacious and clean with friendly crew.

40 People

From HKD $7000